Ep. 113: Favor and Protection

God’s favor flows naturally on our lives as we live in the Kingdom of God. Our personal responsibility allows us to choose wisely to dwell and abide within the safe place of His boundaries. In the Kingdom we use wisdom and integrity…we don’t lie, cheat or manipulate. We follow God’s instruction to walk in love and treat people in a godly way. Living in this place, following God’s lead brings us to a place of rest and freedom. There is a realm available in this lifetime where you are no longer fighting off the enemy simply because your borders are intact and you can live safely in the abundance of God’s promises.

Ep. 112: The Mystery of the Kingdom

Living in the Kingdom of God is a series of initiations, which is when we face obstacles with a repentant heart, our faith is increased, we grow in character and we see through God’s perception in a clearer way. We get stuck when we avoid the process, gain knowledge and information and keep pursuing promises, but ignore pursuing the Kingdom, which is how we live and how we make choices according to how it is set up. God’s perception and protection doesn’t do any good if we don’t change how we are thinking and make a course correction.

Ep. 111: The Limitlessness of the Kingdom

If we don’t understand the Kingdom, we will never understand how to pray “Thy Kingdom Come…” Every kingdom has a king, and to participate in the resources, you have to surrender to the laws of that kingdom. Through the parables, Jesus demonstrates and teaches the kinds of attitudes that will keep us on the path, give us clarity for the way to live and have His perception to see and understand. When we are willing to listen, he can always reroute us and keep us in intimate relationship where we are protected and receive all the benefits of living in the Kingdom.

Ep. 110: Simplicities and Complexities of Faith

The more we understand how faith and miracles work, the easier it is to trust God and experience God at work in a way that is personal and customized for our walk with Jesus. The law of faith supersedes almost every other law. When it comes to miracles, there is a temptation to discount them, as soon as they can be explained. When we explore quantum science, we understand we are in interplay with the universe and the world around us is becoming what we believe and expect it to become. Jesus used parables to describe the Kingdom of God and our invitation for miracles to become our reality!

Ep. 109: Applying God's Promises

Jesus has done and provided everything we need to live heaven on earth. It is His will for us to experience complete peace and provision in every area of our lives, the only thing left to do is to make the choice. The mystery of the kingdom is revealed by a series of initiations. As we journey through life, when challenges arise and we accept them, we apply God’s promises and fully incorporate His hope and love into our hearts making us capable of taking the next step of faith.

Ep. 108: The Other Side of Impossible

Whose report will you believe? And what choice will you make to clearly establish God’s Kingdom in your life? As you focus on what you “do” have instead of what you “don’t” have…when you think about what you “do” know instead of what you “don’t” know, you enter into the realm or portal of seeing from God’s perspective. The reason Jesus teaches in parables is so that we can understand the kingdom of God, and take personal responsibility in recognizing the freedom we have to make the choice.

Ep. 107: Personal Responsibility and Trusting God

You are given an opportunity to choose what kind of vessel you will be to display and contain God’s presence. As a vessel of honor, you make the decision to passionately pursue Him. The only thing that God clearly says to do with your entire heart, with all of your attention, with all of your mind and strength…is to love God and love others. He is your one thing. He is your highest goal. When He is your priority, you will never be in darkness. You will never have to wonder if you’re in His will. You are walking in His light.

Ep. 106: Do you Have Authority Over Others?

Responsibility is simply the ability to respond. You can only take personal responsibility over that which you have authority. You only have authority over yourself…not the ones you love. Join Bob, Jim and Audrey as they answer questions of how to pray for others without manipulation and controlling the outcome. Be inspired to accept personal responsibility to “be” the real and true you according to everything Jesus has provided for you.

Ep. 105: Are you an Influencer or a Controller?

If you are putting your hope in someone else changing their choices and behavior you will eventually feel exasperated. It is impossible to receive God’s mercy, love and healing for another person, even though we often wish we could! A controller is always trying to work with what’s outside of them…fixing and adjusting. An influencer is living from the perspective that “who I am” is organically affecting my environment and atmosphere.

Ep. 103: Personal Responsibility Leads to Choice

The magnitude and power of making a decision to experience life, love, joy, peace and abundance is more profound than we probably realize. Pushing through resistance and taking personal responsibility empowers us to choose obedience first, and diminishes the excuse of blaming others. Join Jim, Bob and Audrey as they open up the concept of what being sovereign means in relation to being “made in the image of God”.

Ep. 102: Parables of Jesus, Part 2

The parables of Jesus encompass a wealth of wisdom, guiding us how to think, how to function and how to thrive in our life in God. The one thing that distinguishes true disciples is our grasp on Kingdom principles. May we be the ones who see and perceive… hear and understand. May we be willing to have a heart that is willing to truly change and take personal responsibility for the choices we make and the path we follow.

Ep. 101: Parables of Jesus

The parables of Jesus encompass a wealth of wisdom, guiding us how to think, how to function and how to thrive in our life in God. The one thing that distinguishes true disciples is our grasp on Kingdom principles. May we be the ones who see and perceive… hear and understand. May we be willing to have a heart that is willing to truly change and take personal responsibility for the choices we make and the path we follow.

Ep. 100: The Truth Shall Set You Free

Knowing the truth may be different than you think. Instead of seeing truth as knowledge, information and facts, there are dimensions to truth that include personal relationship with Jesus, who is the way, the truth and the life. What defines you as a disciple is having a dependent and repentant heart. Knowing the truth is experiencing Him, not just knowing His information. This is the truth that will set you free!

Ep. 99: What do you want to be free from?

You may be surprised by the depth that this question may trigger in your heart as you listen to this episode. Choosing to enter into the Kingdom, means choosing to be FREE from being gratified by earthly sources, and trusting God to be your source of pleasure. God created you to enjoy life and live in pleasure, but when we trust our flesh to determine our sense of gratification this is a type of being a slave to sin.

Ep. 98: If God is in Control, then why?

When we believe that God is in control of everything, we are forced to figure out why God would allow occurrences such as innocent children suffering or devastating natural disasters.  If you believe that God is responsible for horrible things happening, doubt will settle into your heart, and you will not be able to be persuaded that God truly is…good.  And always good.  Join Jim, Bob and Audrey as they discuss the difference between power and authority, and how judging God can prevent us from flowing in His strength and security.  

Ep. 97: Does God "allow" bad things to happen?

God has been misrepresented to many as the One who “allows” sickness and disaster to “take” their loved ones to teach us a lesson. Join Jim, Bob and Audrey as they approach misquoted scriptures about forgiveness and bring hope and understanding to toxic emotions. Any offense that is causing frustration and annoyance, is usually “stuffed” down, so that it can be ignored and pushed away. Meanwhile, that very offense is stored in our organs, and can cause us to live sub-standard to the frequency of God’s best.

Ep. 96: What Does it Mean to Forgive?

Jesus warned us about three specific offenses that we should send away, and refuse to carry with us throughout life. What does sending away an offense really look like? Most of us have a warped definition of what forgiveness is, and therefore find it difficult to walk in freedom from offenses. Jim, Bob and Audrey get practical when it comes to sending away the “feeling” you get from that action, and establishing boundaries to protect you from further harm.

Ep. 95: The Seed of Forgiveness

Understanding what forgiveness really is brings us to core decision we make throughout our day: Will we choose life or death? Join Jim, Bob and Audrey as they help you enjoy life to it’s fullest. You have the authority and choice to decide the quality of your day, your hour and even your moment. You are continuously planting seeds based on what you are thinking about, listening to, and what you are giving your attention to.