Ep. 142: Keys of the Kingdom

We have already inherited Canaan: Our promise land, our heaven on earth. Every single day we have a new opportunity to choose life or death, and choosing life and God’s goodness is the key to our inheritance. Our only fight is against unbelief which becomes hardness of heart. Enjoy this episode as Jim, Bob and Audrey talk about the keys of the kingdom and how to actually get your keys to work!

Ep. 141: The Difference Between Mercy and Grace

In the history of the church whenever grace gets overemphasized, it leads to the deception that sin is okay, and won’t hurt you. The natural progression then leads to blaming God for the consequences of our bad behavior. In this episode, Jim, Bob, and Audrey discuss the reality that we all live in the personal world we have created. Grace is the inner heart work that brings transformation into righteousness peace and joy. The power of God’s grace comes to us - to the degree that we seek the goodness of God.

Ep. 140: Freedom in Relationship with God

In order to have loving relationships, there must be 100% freedom. You can’t have a great romance where either one is attempting to control the other. The minute someone in the steps of a relationship into control, everything changes. It’s the same with God. He can’t give us freedom, and then step in and change things for us. He will never force us and He will never abandon us. Be encouraged in this episode how you always have access to God’s view and opinion.

Ep. 138: God's Ultimate, His Goodness

Without intention, we can drag our religious mindsets into our relationship with God. Will we seek to satisfy God by following every single rule? Will we beg for mercy by offering sacrifices? In this episode, Jim Bob and Audrey recount Moses’ encounter with the Goodness of God. We still have the same challenges as the Israelites had when they first received the ten commandments. Our solution is to get our heart to a place where we can receive and draw near to God, where He downloads layers upon layers of His goodness, beyond what human words could describe.

Ep. 137: God of New Beginnings

Why settle for a “second chance” when God is offering you a brand new beginning! God doesn’t require us to “die to self” by taking away our dreams to teach us something. That is religious thinking! He asks us to die to who we think we are outside of Jesus because that person is dead! When we think we are still “that person”, we will continue to live the life of “that person” and miss the abundant life of Jesus. Transformation doesn’t come by information, but by revelation. To the degree is see God as He is, to that degree I am transformed into his likeness.

Ep. 136: Seek to Understand

God’s greatest manifestation of power is His goodness and mercy. Experiencing the goodness of God transformed Moses into a compassionate man. In this episode, Jim, Bob and Audrey explore the extremes of mercy without truth, and truth without mercy. In order to have justice, we need both. Neither extreme develops personal responsibility. A selfish person looks at the compassion of God for the benefit it brings them. They use compassion to justify bad behavior. The person who truly experiences the compassion of god, will be moved by compassion, and take action.

Ep. 135: The Compassion of God

When you feel most frustrated, that’s when you’ve reached the pivotal point in any situation or relationship. Turning from frustration to compassion demonstrates patience and trust that God is always good. God doesn’t test through sickness or hardship, rather He makes a promise, and our part is to trust the process, and refuse to control the outcome. We cannot control the people around us, but we can always receive the generous compassion of God, where He wraps us up and holds us close.

Ep. 134: Fulcrum for Faith

In any conflict or challenge, instead of the problem controlling you, you are allowed to change. Instead of being reactionary, you have been given the “fulcrum” which is the option of deciding where you will place your trust. This is the key that will transform your life, for when you keep God’s perspective you always win. Once you truly believe how good God is, you are only compatible with heaven and the resources of His Kingdom.

Ep. 132: Awareness of His goodness

What are you most aware of? If we live each day acutely tuned in and aware of the outward circumstances, we will lose our ability to be thankful. As soon as something goes wrong, we will question. However, if we maintain an awareness of God’s goodness, we enter our heavenly existence by noticing Him and being thankful. This doesn’t erase the past, but neutralizes the effects of the past and turns the curse into a blessing.

Ep. 131: Freedom of Choice

The one thing that characterizes us to be like God, created in His image, is the freedom of choice. We get to change the quality of our life by making great decisions. We can’t allow circumstances, or intellectual evaluations or need to drive our decisions, but rather experiencing God’s peace. If we are blaming God or disappointed with him in any way, it reveals that we don’t truly trust Him to be who He said He is. You can only trust someone who you know loves you and won’t hurt you.

Ep. 130: Does God take His name in vain?

God does not take His own name in vain. In other words, because His name Jehovah Shalom means “The God of all Peace”, He can’t say “I am the God of peace but I am sending you a storm”. As Jehovah Jireh the Provider, He can’t say, “I am the God of provision, but I am allowing you to live with less and not enough.” God is always good, and He doesn’t change, but people’s experience with Him changes. In this episode, we take a close look at our belief systems.

Ep. 129: First Reactions

When something in life goes wrong, your stability is determined by the beliefs of your heart. Your reaction is an indicator of whether you truly believe that God is good. Knowing God and having the mindset and foundation that you never lose. You always win. You are victorious. There is no battle you will lose. These heart beliefs establish your readiness of mind to have a “first reaction” based on the true nature and character of God.

Ep. 128: How to Develop the Readiness of Mind

The stability and strategy in ancient warfare are to maintain footing. In a believer’s life, the readiness of mind is being prepared and established in the gospel of peace… that is our footing! A winner is determined within the first 5-30 seconds of a fight because the one who hesitates will likely lose. Our instant reaction in any situation determines the likely outcome. Knowing your dignity and worth develops your readiness of mind.  

Ep. 127: How to Define Spiritual Warefare

Spiritual warfare could be better defined as “thoughts and emotions” warfare because our authority over our mind and imagination is where the fight for righteousness, peace, and joy is won. Each garment of the armor of God is an internal decision that we make. As our feet are “shod with the readiness of mind” it gives us “footing” to be prepared for any earthly circumstance that attempts to derail us.

Ep. 126: Embracing Righteousness

The quality of your life is determined by the degree to which your heart embraces righteousness. God’s righteousness is encoded in creation. Righteousness is a spiritual eternal reality which can never be intellectually explained but is realized when we are at one with God. We are called to surrender to everything that is harmony with the identity and name of God. The result is you are calm whenever there is a storm. You are full of worth even when you fail.

Ep. 125: Cause and Effect, and Harmonizing with God

Our logical minds seek to apply “cause and effect” to our faith journey in attempts to make things happen.  Harmonizing with God is a “heart journey” that involves surrendering to everything that represents His nature and character.  Force is a false substitute for authority.  Instead of force (the intensity in which you do something), we can rest in God knowing our authority.  

Ep. 124: Aligning our Beliefs with the Word of God

The only source of good seeds are the words that Jesus said. It’s surprising to think about what we believe because we have heard it our whole life. In this episode, Jim challenges us to take a close look at our beliefs and align them to the word of God, making sure they are in agreement with what Jesus said and what he accomplished through his life, death, and resurrection. The pathway to a quality of life is the pathway of righteousness.

Ep. 123: Knowing the Source of the Seed

Good seed is the Word that will keep you in harmony with God and aligns with Jesus’ teaching. If we aren’t following everything that Jesus taught, and choosing our own opinion to “leave that out, it’s kind of offensive to my lifestyle” we won’t have righteousness, peace, and joy. We might be Christians, but it reveals that we have chosen not to be in harmony with God.