Ep. 126: Embracing Righteousness

The quality of your life is determined by the degree to which your heart embraces righteousness. God’s righteousness is encoded in creation. Righteousness is a spiritual eternal reality which can never be intellectually explained but is realized when we are at one with God. We are called to surrender to everything that is harmony with the identity and name of God. The result is you are calm whenever there is a storm. You are full of worth even when you fail.

Ep. 125: Cause and Effect, and Harmonizing with God

Our logical minds seek to apply “cause and effect” to our faith journey in attempts to make things happen.  Harmonizing with God is a “heart journey” that involves surrendering to everything that represents His nature and character.  Force is a false substitute for authority.  Instead of force (the intensity in which you do something), we can rest in God knowing our authority.  

Ep. 124: Aligning our Beliefs with the Word of God

The only source of good seeds are the words that Jesus said. It’s surprising to think about what we believe because we have heard it our whole life. In this episode, Jim challenges us to take a close look at our beliefs and align them to the word of God, making sure they are in agreement with what Jesus said and what he accomplished through his life, death, and resurrection. The pathway to a quality of life is the pathway of righteousness.

Ep. 123: Knowing the Source of the Seed

Good seed is the Word that will keep you in harmony with God and aligns with Jesus’ teaching. If we aren’t following everything that Jesus taught, and choosing our own opinion to “leave that out, it’s kind of offensive to my lifestyle” we won’t have righteousness, peace, and joy. We might be Christians, but it reveals that we have chosen not to be in harmony with God.

Ep. 121: How do we live in harmony?

Living in the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth simply means we have access to all the resources that have been provided by what Jesus did for us. As we have harmony with God, we access health, wealth, peace and joy. Jesus teaches us how to abide in this realm by making choices from faith and intention which are complementary opposites. We don’t grow because we understand, but rather we understand because we trust God.

Ep. 120: Indecision, The Silent Killer

The silent killer of a believer’s life is indecision. The illusion is: I feel safe because I’m not making decisions. If your life isn’t working, it’s because you are being driven by life’s circumstances. Life is always moving and happening, and it is either getting better or worse moment by moment. If you don’t know what to do, do what you DO know to do. Every decision you make is driven by a belief.

Ep. 119: Are you motivated by obligation?

Whenever obligation is our driving force, we are acting out of a feeling of lack. Obligation can offer some relief, but will never bring true joy. When we switch our reason for doing something, opting for reasons of love and wisdom and peace, suddenly new motivation energizes our responsibilities! In this episode, we are encouraged to stop living from the places of “I should, I ought to, and I need to” and choose to make the choice of “wanting to” and establishing the reason why!

Ep. 118: How to Choose the Kingdom of God

In the garden of Eden, man had the power to turn a world of paradise into a world of chaos with one simple feeling: lack. Whenever we feel lack and accept it as real, our heart will begin to recognize and notice every hint of it, and actually block the blessings and promises of the Kingdom of Heaven. Co-dependency can grip us as soon as we starting feeling like “I’m not who God says I am”. This episode discusses the difference between an aggressive co-dependent and a passive co-dependent and the power we have within our mind and thoughts to agree with heaven.  

Ep. 117: Co-Dependent Christianity

The polar opposite of personal responsibility is co-dependency, that is, depending on someone else to do what only you can do yourself. Typical language of one who is co-dependent says: “Everyone around me needs to change”, “I don’t want character, I want a miracle”. The remedy is connecting with the love of God, so we will no longer use people to meet our need, but rather know and receive all the promises and attributes freely given to us by God.

Ep. 116: Listening to God's Voice

Learning to listen to God is a lifelong journey that develops as you continually hear and obey. Those who truly believe will keep seeking! People who lose hope have simply stopped envisioning “as it should be”. If you are not pursuing the manifestation of God’s promises in your life, it is simply evidence that the truth you’re hearing means nothing. You are the only one that has authority over your world and over yourself, and this episode inspires you to embrace that personal responsibility!

Ep. 115: Changing the Course of Your Life

If we want to live heaven on earth, we have to make choices and take a close look at the fruit of our lives. If things aren’t going as they should, there could be a lot of reasons. Either we are not sowing the right seed, or we keep sowing bad seeds that are choking out the good. Join Bob, Audrey, and Jim as they talk openly about their own lives and places where they have made mistakes. If we are open, teachable and repentant, even when we fail, God will recover and redeem our lives, bringing us back to the place of opportunity. 

Ep. 114: The Greatest Faith

Jesus marvelled at the greatest faith in all of Israel when he met the centurion father asking prayer for his daughter. What a compliment! When we understand delegated authority, we have freedom and responsibility to take action that is harmonious with the goals and intentions of the person who sent you. We have to rule our personal lives to create heaven on earth and make choices to have harmony with God.

Ep. 113: Favor and Protection

God’s favor flows naturally on our lives as we live in the Kingdom of God. Our personal responsibility allows us to choose wisely to dwell and abide within the safe place of His boundaries. In the Kingdom we use wisdom and integrity…we don’t lie, cheat or manipulate. We follow God’s instruction to walk in love and treat people in a godly way. Living in this place, following God’s lead brings us to a place of rest and freedom. There is a realm available in this lifetime where you are no longer fighting off the enemy simply because your borders are intact and you can live safely in the abundance of God’s promises.

Ep. 112: The Mystery of the Kingdom

Living in the Kingdom of God is a series of initiations, which is when we face obstacles with a repentant heart, our faith is increased, we grow in character and we see through God’s perception in a clearer way. We get stuck when we avoid the process, gain knowledge and information and keep pursuing promises, but ignore pursuing the Kingdom, which is how we live and how we make choices according to how it is set up. God’s perception and protection doesn’t do any good if we don’t change how we are thinking and make a course correction.

Ep. 111: The Limitlessness of the Kingdom

If we don’t understand the Kingdom, we will never understand how to pray “Thy Kingdom Come…” Every kingdom has a king, and to participate in the resources, you have to surrender to the laws of that kingdom. Through the parables, Jesus demonstrates and teaches the kinds of attitudes that will keep us on the path, give us clarity for the way to live and have His perception to see and understand. When we are willing to listen, he can always reroute us and keep us in intimate relationship where we are protected and receive all the benefits of living in the Kingdom.

Ep. 110: Simplicities and Complexities of Faith

The more we understand how faith and miracles work, the easier it is to trust God and experience God at work in a way that is personal and customized for our walk with Jesus. The law of faith supersedes almost every other law. When it comes to miracles, there is a temptation to discount them, as soon as they can be explained. When we explore quantum science, we understand we are in interplay with the universe and the world around us is becoming what we believe and expect it to become. Jesus used parables to describe the Kingdom of God and our invitation for miracles to become our reality!

Ep. 109: Applying God's Promises

Jesus has done and provided everything we need to live heaven on earth. It is His will for us to experience complete peace and provision in every area of our lives, the only thing left to do is to make the choice. The mystery of the kingdom is revealed by a series of initiations. As we journey through life, when challenges arise and we accept them, we apply God’s promises and fully incorporate His hope and love into our hearts making us capable of taking the next step of faith.

Ep. 108: The Other Side of Impossible

Whose report will you believe? And what choice will you make to clearly establish God’s Kingdom in your life? As you focus on what you “do” have instead of what you “don’t” have…when you think about what you “do” know instead of what you “don’t” know, you enter into the realm or portal of seeing from God’s perspective. The reason Jesus teaches in parables is so that we can understand the kingdom of God, and take personal responsibility in recognizing the freedom we have to make the choice.

Ep. 107: Personal Responsibility and Trusting God

You are given an opportunity to choose what kind of vessel you will be to display and contain God’s presence. As a vessel of honor, you make the decision to passionately pursue Him. The only thing that God clearly says to do with your entire heart, with all of your attention, with all of your mind and strength…is to love God and love others. He is your one thing. He is your highest goal. When He is your priority, you will never be in darkness. You will never have to wonder if you’re in His will. You are walking in His light.